The Baptist Pastors Conference of Columbus
                               and Vicinity, Inc.
                      The Office Of The President



   As day unto day utter speech and night unto night
   reveals knowledge, we want to greet and acknowledge
   that God has so graciously granted each of us with
   another ministry moment. We want to personally thank 
  each and every member for your part in the spiritual structure in this august
  body and for your steadfast services as we continue to impact God's kingdom.

  We want to continually acknowledge the presence, purpose and power of God in 
  directing our endeavors as we anticipate another year in committing our lives in
  changing the cankerous conditions of our City. Whereas we see "hell" breaking out
  throughout our City, with the present Drug Epidemic, Infant
Mortality and Black
  on Black Violence, we seek to reach those who have been deemed unreachable
  through resources, relationships, reviving and redemption. We want to re-enforce
  the words of Jesus in Matthew 16:18, reminding us that no matter how hell is
  breaking out we can take assurance that hell can't stop us when we are founded
  on God's truth.

  Lastly, we are reminded that we are TRULY stronger and better when we stand
  together. We encourage each and every Baptist Pastor along with other
  leadership organizations, selected and elected officials to come alongside us to
  make our Churches, Community and City a true reflection of our Commitment to
  the Cause of Christ.

  In His Service I remain faithful,

  Pastor Frederick V. LaMarr



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