The Baptist Pastors Conference
Columbus And Vicinity, Inc.


Pastors Conference:

The Baptist Pastors Conference came into existence when Pastors who were members of the Baptist Ministerial Alliance concluded that there was a need for a separate organization solely for Pastors to discuss issues that were germane to Pastors only. The Baptist Pastors Conference was organized with Dr. L.H. Johnson being its first President. (Unable to ascertain the exact year).

The following brethren have served as President of the Conference: L.H. Johnson, A. Wilson Wood, J.J. Ashburn, H.J. Scott, A. Wilson Wood, Jesse L. Wood, Henry O. Leftridge, Donald J. Washington, Keith A. Troy and currently
Frederick V. LaMarr. The meetings are held at Churches the first Tuesday of the Month, except July and August which are designated as vacation months. The President's Annual Address is held the 1st Tuesday in December, where the President addresses concerns and set objectives to be implemented by the conference in the ensuing year.

Pastor's Conference Christmas Cantata:

The Cantata is a musical celebration in commemoration of the Angelic Celebration and Announcement of the Savior being born. Luke 2:13-14 "And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men." (KJV) The music and performing art ministries of the various churches in the Conference come together and share in the celebration.

Simultaneous Revival:

President L. H. Johnson while pastoring at Mount Olive Baptist Church and Pastor Sandy Ray who was pastoring at Shiloh Baptist Church discovered that they both were having a revival the same week, so they decided to have preaching in the day at the same place. Sometime later Pastor Phale D. Hale who have been to Kansas City and witnessed a Simultaneous Revival, brought that idea to President L. H. Johnson who presented it to the Conference and thus the birth of the Simultaneous Revival in 1951. The legacy of the Revival has received National Notoriety because of the unity within the City and among the churches. This Holy Convocational event is historically held fourteen days before Easter.

Seven-Last Word's From The Cross:

The Seven Last Words was originally a combined effort with the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance, but was late separated because of doctrinal issues. Therefore the Baptist Pastors under the leadership of President L. H. Johnson started their own. It has become historic that all new pastors and slated to preach during this worship service. This worship service is always held on Good Friday at 11:00am.

Pastor's Retreat:

The Retreat is named in honor of former Presidents Wood, Ashburn, Scott. The Retreat was originally organized by Pastor A. Woods while he was President alone with Vice President, Pastor Joe Thrower, and Chairman, Pastor Frank Cleveland to address arising issue that was adversely affecting the image of the Baptist Clergy and later designed to prepare for the upcoming Simultaneous Revival.

The Pastors would retreat by church vans together to a remote place away from the city where they could share confidentially among themselves. The first retreat wash held at Proctor Farms where the daily agenda was Preaching, Worship, Fellowship, and an Inter-encounter session where the preacher would be open and honest sharing problems and weakness.

As the retreat grew with Pastors from other cities in Ohio and Michigan, President J. J. Ashburn decided to add to the agenda a resource person with Holy Communion on Thursday night along with open confessions. Two of the first Pastors (still pastoring) to preach in the retreat was Bishop J. Ross with the message: "I was blind but now I see", and Pastor J. Matthew Carter Sr. whose message was "If it Ain't One Thing It's Another".

With the many of the adverse problems facing many Pastors in assisting their members to better deal with Social, Economic and Educational issues President Donald Washington added to the agenda workshops to better equip the the membership in addressing and assessing these areas. The retreat always convenes the 1st Wednesday thru Friday in February.